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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your price per square foot? 
The prices vary from home to home and option to option. The best way for you to get a price is to choose a plan and specifications, then we'll price your home for you accurately and with no guess work.

Can I make changes in an existing plan?
Yes, all plans can be customized within engineering codes to your specific needs. Most home buyers want their home individually built and designed we specialize in custom or semi-custom homes.

Are you the builder for me?
Yes, buyers often say they want the "best" homebuilder in the business to build their home. The difficulty with that statement is that there is no one best builder or even one best type of builder for all buyers or even all homes. The truth is that some builders are a better fit than others. That means a builder who is highly recommended by a friend or a relative of yours might not be the best builder for your needs. As a smaller building company you'll be working with the owner personally.  

Would I be better off buying Factory Direct?
Large-volume production builders construct many homes in a year while smaller building companies work on fewer projects allowing for more attention to the details of your new home. Modular construction combines centuries-old building techniques with modern technology to create a cost-effective, efficient and beautiful new home. So, it’s stunning, fast and professional. Each module is built on an assembly line, using machinery built specifically for the task and unique to modular factories. By the time your new homes’ components reach the “end of the line,” they are almost complete, then what? As a design/build contractor we do all the prep and custom finish work to make your home building process run smoothly.  

Do your prices include a basement?
Yes, all of our prices include an 8' poured wall basement as standard. 

Do your homes include a well and septic or sewer and water laterals?  Yes and No. We will provide an allowance for proposal purposes however until the actual project is complete, we will not know the exact cost. 

Do you include Air Conditioning in your homes? 
Air conditioning is available as an option however we do offer occasional specials which may feature free air conditioning. 

Are the appliances included? 
Appliances are available as an option however we do offer occasional specials which may feature free appliances. 

Are your prices guaranteed?
Yes, all prices that are quoted will be accurate for a specified period of time on the proposal. 
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